Friday, October 7, 2011

Another crazy week.....

and I'm sorry for not blogging sooner about our disclosure meeting! We've had van issues, tee ball, cross country, various meltdowns, colds, and yes, still dealing with our little friends, the ticks!
But anyways, our meeting was Friday, and it went very well! We were afraid we would find out some deep, dark secret that would make us reconsider this adoption, since, so far this kid seems so great. Well, we found out that................ he IS that great! His family has a history of mental illness, and that's why he had such a rough start in life, but he does have biological family that loves him, that's for sure. He does well in school, has no behavioral issues or medical issues, and he's a great basketball player (at 6'4"-go figure!). Our next step, and the most exciting, is meeting him and getting to know him-yay! We are still starting as "mentors" for him, since he is not so sure about being adopted, but we're hoping he will get to know and love us and see that whether or not we move to "adoption" with him, we will still be here for him and care for him. We're all excited and nervous for this next "phase", but I still am 100% sure that God brought him to us, so whatever happens next is His divine will for us! His birthday is this month, he'll be 16, I hope we get to meet him by then! I'll let you know!

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  1. WAHOOOO!!! Praying for that meeting :)
    So sorry the little critters haven't met their maker yet.....praying for that too!!!!!

    Some news to share with you soon too ;)