Wednesday, April 13, 2011

No more MAPP!

Sorry it's been a while since I last blogged. How do people find time to blog every day? Well anyways,
we are officially finished with our MAPP classes, yay! The agency also offers free training for life, I guess, on many other adoption issues, and we just attended one last night. It was pretty much stuff we have already learned though. Our background checks have come back and we have been assigned our Family Adoption Specialist, or "FAS", her name is Lindsay. We have meet her a few times, but we are anxious to get to know her more. We have our first home study meeting next Monday with her. I'm a little nervous, just because I don't know what to expect, but I'm more excited. The point of the home study is to check out our home, of course, but more importantly it's for Lindsay to get to know us in person. She knows us on paper, but now she'll get to talk to us and the kids, in order to find out who we are as a family and individuals so she can find the child that will fit best in our family. We'll have one more home study meeting after this, and then (hopefully) they approve our home study, and they begin the matching process. We still don't have an exact idea of the child we would like to join our family. Our ideas about "our child " have changed a lot since we first began this process. I think the Lord has just opened our hearts and minds and we are trusting he'll "match us" with the right child. We do know that we can't handle any severe medical or emotional needs, but other than that we really are pretty open. At first we were looking for a girl age 4-10, Caucasian or Hispanic, but now I feel we are open to other races, boys, teens, and sibling groups. Crazy right? Well, we'll just see how it goes, we do have a choice. Please continue to pray over our entire family and all of the people involved in this process with us. This is a very exciting, and nerve-wracking time for us! We're so thankful to have friends and family to help us through this, though. Thanks so much for loving us!