Monday, October 31, 2011

Lots of fun!

I know you are dying to know about the went really well! He was shy at first, but he started talking more and joking around as the day went on. The kids just loved him to pieces! He is very gentle and mild, and so sweet. He and Bailey really got along great, she is smitten by him! We just kept the conversations casual, although Kody kept asking if we were going to keep "M"-and "M" just laughed at it, so I guess he was ok with it. We hope to have another visit this coming weekend-the kids can not stop talking about him! This is a picture Kody took-so you can sort of see just how tall he is next to me(I'm itching my nose or something) and he's leaning over, too!

He is such a sweet, polite guy and we feel so blessed that we get to know him. We just can not believe he hasn't been adopted yet! Bailey said "because God wanted us to have him!", I have to say I think she's right!

We also had our Fall Festival at church, which of course was fun as usual! Candy, games, dunk tank, music, and friends-couldn't ask for more! The boys were Star Wars themed, and the girls were Cleopatra and Taylor Swift.
We can't wait to spend time with our new guy soon-I'll update you!

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  1. SOOO EXCITED for you!!!!!!! Praying you get to meet again soon and spend more time getting to know each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) YEAH!!!!!!!