Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pics of our newest animals

Bailey and Henrietta

Bryson, David (neighbor) and Daisy

Baby squirrels

M & M

No, I am not blogging about candy now, although I could have used some chocolate yesterday. Just a rough day, kids crazy, house a wreck, found baby squirrels, 3 extra kids, which usually is fine but by the end of the day I was DONE! Kevin says I need to "give it to God"-I try but maybe not completely. So anyways, back to M & M! They are the 2 boys we have been "matched" with. I use the term loosely, because all that means is that on paper it seems like we'd be good together. We are focusing on one M at a time, and we are really feeling drawn to the first one our adoption worker told us about. I'll tell you a little bit......he's 15 and African American, a good kid with no behavioral or health issues. He's been in foster care a while, so he's a little apprehensive about being adopted (understandably). He's at a summer camp now, but his case worker will be talking to him about how he feels about being adopted and he will be telling him a little bit about our family to see if he's interested in meeting us. Now, with teens they have a say in the process, so really at this point it's up to M to move forward at all. It's kind of scary, since he may be uncomfortable with having a family that is a different race than him, but I have been praying that if M is the son that the Lord has picked out for us, that He would open M's heart to us and give it a shot. It's so scary for the kids in foster care, so I really do understand them being hesitant. But both Kevin and I feel a real pull towards him and so we will be sad if M decides we aren't a good match for him. So that brings us to the other M, who is 14 and caucasion-as if race even matters anymore, but just want to let inquiring minds know. We hear he is also a good kid with no behavior issues, but we don't know a whole lot about him. We are kind of waiting to see what happens with the first M, before we find out too much about the second M. I hate the fact that we have to "choose" them-it's not like we are picking out an outfit or a puppy-they are people with thought and feelings just like us, but this is the process, so what can we do?! So that's all on the human adoption front right now-basically just waiting again. But, we have had some non-human adoptions this week.......2 chickens and now 2 squirrels. We had some friends that had chickens, but couldn't keep them due to their HOA, and I have always wanted chickens (I love chickens), but Kevin would never agree to them-except he did this time! So we built them a coop and they're as happy as can be!
The squirrels I am less enthusiastic about, but I couldn't leave the poor babies. The kids found them in the street yesterday-they had fallen out of their nest-on the street below. We left them by the tree for awhile hoping the mama would come get them, but there was the sound of a hawk very nearby and the ants were getting them, so we brought them home. I ,of course did some research, and got some puppy formula for them and tried feeding them. they were not having it yesterday, but today one of them is eating it. The other may be injured or something, he's not really moving much or eating at all, but I keep trying. I'll post pics soon, based on the website I found, they are 4-5 weeks old. Like I need anything else to care for! But I can't let them die-so I'll do my best! I'm hoping the kids will be learning some life lessons from all of this!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


We got the privilege of babysitting our new friends' 8 children last night while they went out for their anniversary. Our kids were so excited! It was so much fun! I must admit that feeding 13 children was a challenge (their 8, our 4, plus a neighbor), even with Bailey, Kevin and I "serving" it was nuts! But after that, a few more neighbor kids came over and it was playtime -I'm sure our neighbors thought we had started a daycare, but we were outside riding bikes, skateboards, scooters, running around, and screaming and was wild! Everyone got along so well, and even the baby (she's one) let me hold her for awhile. She is so adorable and my kids couldn't get enough of her-they haven't been around too many babies since Kody's grown up! Bryson kept touching her hair- he loved her "puffy" hair! The girls were dressing up and dancing the boys were being super heroes and playing on the DSes. Before they even left they were all,ours and theirs, asking if they could come over again! The Lord has really blessed us in finding the Wrights for many reasons, we actually know someone with more kids than us, they have adopted, they have adopted 8 kids, they have adopted outside of their race, they love the Lord, and they are so fun! They do have a couple little ones sick today (maybe too much fun last night?) so please pray for them!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Bouncin' some things around

So we went this morning to a trampoline place to "meet" some teens who are available for adoption. There was one in particular that our FAS wanted us to look for and "engage", which we did, sort of. But, it's such a strange situation.....these kids are here knowing that families are checking them out, trying to find if they may be interested in having them join their families. The kids are pretty reserved and they don't want to open up to these complete stangers.....would you? And although it was cool "meeting" these kids who I have been reading about and looking at pictures of online, it was also very surreal, realizing that all of them need a family. Bailey and I were moved to tears a few times just observing them and realizing that none of them have people who truly love them. We wished we could take them all home and love them, but we know that is not possible. I think I am more sad now than excited, even though we do have a few match possibilities. I'm sure I'll get past it, but it is still so very sad.
So I don't want to say too much till we have more info, but we were given info about 2 boys, and requested info about 2 more (one is in a sibling group of 3-so we'll see). All are boys, some are african american! I wish I could share more now, but I will soon! Keep those prayers coming please, not just for us, but for all of those kids, and all of the people working in their lives trying to help them ( case workers, foster parents, therapists, etc.). Thanks!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Matchmaker, matchmaker make me a match......

Ummmm... More "God is amazing" news, although I can't say a lot yet,I do want to let you know there may be a match in the near future. It's still way too early to tell, but I just want to ask for prayers, especially for Friday. I love to hear the sound of God's symphony, how all of the different instruments and parts come together to make a beautiful song! Wish I could share more, but suspense is good, right?! Until later.....

Sunday, July 10, 2011

So you wanna know..........

I'm sorry for leaving so abruptly on the last post. Here's the scoop.....
This morning I got up and started posting on the blog right away, Kevin was at a new men's Bible study/accountability group. He called me when he was on his way home and just said "Wow" when I asked how it was. Then he goes on to tell me the most amazing thing that has happened to us in a while. There were several new guys at the group, but they grouped people into smaller accountability groups, and Kevin ended up with one of the other new guys. Well turns out this guy was God's messenger to my sweet hubby! This guy is the father of 8 adopted African-American kids ( he is white), all within the age range of our kids! Kevin was just so emotional while he is telling me all of these things about this family that God had obviously placed right in front of us as a direct answer to my prayer last night! Isn't that cool! We were just so amazed, both just crying at the unbelievable stuff the Lord does for us! He has orchestrated so many things leading up to that meeting this morning and we are still dizzy from thinking about it. So hopefully we will gain some new friends with some experience and advice in the things we will be facing in the future. But I wanted to share with you how faithful God is, how powerful He is, and how much He loves us! Crazy love! I'll write soon, busy week with VBS at church and the teen event on Friday! Keep us in your prayers!

Wow ya'll!

I know it's not like me to post 2 times in a week, which is something I hope to change, but I just have to share how the Lord has been working in me! I told you in my last note that I had been "stuck" in my faith lately, just a product of my circumstances-not being a very good servant of Christ. I also told you how the homestudy approval was just the news I needed to hear to lift my spirit and get me moving again (spiritually speaking)......well apparently that was just the start! The Holy Spirit and I have been good buddies the past couple of days, it's as if He is right here with me having normal conversations about both the profound and the seemingly mundane alike. It awesome and I don't know where to start, really!
Well, I'll start by telling you that when I start to sense that things aren't on par with the way they should be I get a book and start reading. I'm not talking about romance novels or fictional stories, although they are a good distraction, but "self help" type books, well more like "God help" type books. I always seek Christian authors and books that come highly recommended for whatever situation I am going through. So from parenting help, to adoption, to general Christian guidance I am always reading something! Well I have been feeling God calling us to mission work, as a family, for many years but I haven't been able to figure out exactly how to "do" mission work as a family. Most mission opportunities in my community have a starting age of 13, or require "classes" to serve, or are really expensive-so I've been discouraged and have opted to do nothing. Well  I was able to find a really good book called "The Missional Mom-Living with Purpose at Home and in the World" by Helen Lee......awesome! It confirms all of the things I have "felt" about serving God and really has been an encourager for me to not let fear or the world's rules define how my family serves God. There are scripture verses to confirm it all, so it's not just some crazy lady's ideas. I am only a little more that half way through the book, but I am ready to move to a third-world country to go and make disciples-I am not joking(ask Kevin). But what I  wanted to tell you is something else that God confirmed to me, through this book-besides that He wants us to go make disciples in all of the world.
Ever since we started seriously considering adoption, I felt drawn to children of other races and cultures. I don't know if you remember, but at first I really wanted to do international adoption (for that reason). I have always been fascinated by other cultures, maybe because my family is not very culturally diverse, or because I've always lived in places where I am surrounded by people "just like me"-meaning caucasion, middle class, Christian, etc. I admit It feels "safe" to be with people who are just like you, where everything stays the same, and we are all in the "bubble", as I call it. But is that all there is? Is that living the way God wants us to? After all, the disciples didn't stay in Jerusalem and hang out with all the people they had already ministered to-Jesus said in Matthew 28-"Therefore go and make disciples of all nations". But I am going off on a tangent here-what I mean to tell you is that I feel God wants us to adopt a child of another cultural background, as a way to connect to other cultures and form some common ground and help us to love other people. I have been really contemplating adopting an African-American child the past few weeks, it's just really been all I can think of when I think about our adoption. I have to admit at first I had a hard time imagining us with an African-American child specifically, I guess because of our "differences", but the Lord has placed several opportunities for us to see families that are culturally diverse and "different" and it doesn't seem so different any more. I am not sure how Kevin will feel about this, though, since he has expressed that he wouldn't feel comfortable with kids of another race. But I know that God is a big God and I prayed last night for God to speak into Kevin's heart about it.
Oh my goodness,you guys, as I was writing this I got confirmation that God hears our prayers......I can't tell you now because I am just so overwhemled with emotion right now, but I'll write later an explain! God is awesome! Yay!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Yay! We finally have an approved home study! This news could not have come at a better time, as I was feeling very discouraged, but God know our needs and He is faithful! Just another answered prayer! I haven't felt much like blogging lately or really like even waking up each day, things have been tough with the kids' behavior, and our finances, and no progress on the adoption, and I have honestly just been struggling to just "be". I don't know about you, but I always feel like I disconnect from God when my circumstances cause me to struggle. I try so hard, but still I struggle. I pray, read scripture, try to tell myself God is working even when things go wrong or stand still with no apparent purpose. I know He is with me, but why do I always feel like He's not when I am struggling with life? I guess it's normal, even David felt that way and wrote about it, but I guess what's important is that I still seek Him in my weakness and trials. But, it's amazing how one little blessing, like our approved home study, can lift my spirits and give me encouragement to keep going strong! I love how the Holy Spirit seems to be overflowing and renewing me through it! God is good all the time, sometimes I just need small reminders and I'm glad God loves to give them!
So, next week we will be attending a "teen recruitment event" , which I admit sounds strange, but it's just a way to introduce adoptive families to kids who are waiting for families. This one is for kids 12 and up, it's at a trampoline place, and our kids are going too, so it should be a lot of fun. We also have VBS next week, so we will be completely exhausted by then, but there's no better way to get exhausted than by serving God and ministering to lots of his kids! I just pray the Lord will help me, not just survive the rest of the summer, but to actually enjoy it and hopefully bless my children and me with the time we have together!