Thursday, October 27, 2011

2 days!

Oh my goodness, in 2 days we get to meet M! I cannot even tell you how excited we are! Bailey is not able to sleep because she is so excited thinking about what it will be like (she's just like her mom)! I forgot to tell you that the kids are able to come and besides that, when M's case worker talked to him about the meeting, M told him he didn't even need his caseworker there! So, he is comfortable enough to hang out with just us! Not suprising, as I have been praying that God would give him(and us) peace about each other, but still, it's awesome!
Bailey at her Fall Dance

We will have so much fun this weekend! Besides meeting M on Saturday, we have Kody's Fall Festival at school on cute, and our church Fall Festival/Trunk n' Treat on Sunday! Our kids LOVE Trunk n' Treat, they look forward to it every year! If you have no idea what Trunk n' Treat is, basically church members park at church, set up their trunks and the kids trick or treat to the different trunks. It's great because we get to include families in the neighborhoods surrounding the church and minister to them in a fun way. Our kids love handing out candy and "helping", Bailey is able to volunteer with face painting, games, etc, and she just LOVES it! We haven't gone traditional trick or treating in probably 5 years-we don't like to make a big deal of Halloween, and this is a perfect blend of the "fun" of Halloween in a safer, less worldly way and fellowship and ministry all in one-good stuff!
Other news...our chicken laid her first egg-and two more since then! She has been very vocal lately, we weren't sure if maybe she was missing her sister, who passed away, or just felt like she could voice her opinions now, but apparently she was getting ready to lay! They are cute little pinkish, brownish eggs. Haven't eaten any yet-we aren't big egg eaters, so we might be "gifting" some lovely "organic" eggs soon!
This is just our little diva, Kristyn. She was getting ready for church and she just loves to accessorize.....two headbands, a scarf, and an assortment of necklaces, oh and sparkly shoes! What a cutie! Well I'll let you know how our weekend goes-I must get cleaning and laundry done since it won't get done this weekend!

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  1. Soooo EXCITED WITH YOU!!!!!! Praying over here for all to go well and for you all to feel comfortable and at ease :) And of course for God to move in his heart as well and let him know the wonderful people you are!!!!!!!!!!!!