Monday, September 26, 2011


Well it's been a a crazy weekend, to say the least. First of all, we have a tick infestation in our house. Last week we started finding ticks everywhere! So I freaked out-totally gross, and sprayed the whole house with a home insect spray that we have. But it wasn't doing the trick, so I had to go to a pest control store and get some major stuff. So we sprayed every inch of the house and the carpet that we have (not much), then vacuumed and swept and put the house house back together. I also had to go and get some flea/tick control for the cat and dog, since we found over 25 ticks on Moose-poor guy. We had been giving him Frontline, but apparently it didn't have tick control in it. So after spraying, cleaning, washing, picking ticks off, I think we have begun to eliminate the problem. We still find one here or there, but I will be spraying frequently. The guy at the pest control place said ticks eggs can lie dormant for up to a year-nice. They haven't really bitten us since we can feel them and pick them off, but poor Moose-I feel so bad!
While I was cleaning up ticks on Sat., Kody had T-ball practice, and when they got home from practice I went to Publix-my parents were coming over to celebrate my birthday and we had no food. While I was there Kristyn called me and said that Henrietta (the chicken) was dead-she wasn't moving. She was sick a few weeks ago, I did research, thought I figured out what it was-got some medication, and she was doing much better. We had thought she was all better. Well Friday we had noticed she wasn't running up when we fed her and she wasn't acting herself. So we started the medicine again. I guess she had a different sickness though, and she didn't make it. It was very sad, she was my favorite chicken-just had a great personality-yes chickens have personalities. She was the "dominant" chicken though, Daisy followed everything she did, so I don't know how Daisy will do without her. There is talk of getting a chick now-so we'll see. We had a funeral and Bryson said a prayer for poor Henrietta, he was really crushed. I tell you what, after the weekend we had I am ready to evacuate all pets from this house!
Well, Sunday we had a tour of the new school from 2-4. The kids were so excited and really misbehaving because they just couldn't handle the excitement. We found everyone's classes and the lockers-that's all Bailey cared about! It's a nice, new, big school and I'm sure the teachers will appreciate having actual good-sized classrooms! The car line is a mess, of course, so we have to go through those pains again, but I know it will get worked out. So glad to have everyone at one place-except for Kody of course.
Also, last week we noticed some water in the garage, near the hot water heater. So this weekend we pulled everything out to figure out where it was coming from.......the wall behind the water heater-also the back wall of Kristyn's room. We had issues with a leaking pipe there before, so we knew just where to look. And as we speak there are plumbers fixing another leaky connection. So, now we add a drywalling adventure to next weekends plans! Luckily, we have had lots of drywall repair experience so we can handle that, but not what we want to this weekend! So hopefully this week will be a little smoother than the weekend was, but it's already looking crazy-so I doubt it.
Bryson has his first cross country meet tomorrow-he has to run 2 miles! This should be interesting, but it was his idea, so maybe running will be "his thing"-I just know it's definetely not mine!
We're looking forward to the disclosure meeting on Friday, so continued prayers for my sanity through all of this, please!

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  1. Thinking and praying for your meeting!!!!
    Missed you at church :)
    Sounds like chaos- stink!!! Praying things get better. Oye- drywall how I hate thee.....visions of sanding, dust EVERYWHERE- oh fun times...I can sympathize!!!