Thursday, October 20, 2011

We finally get to meet him!

Yes, we will get to meet M on Sat. Oct. 29th! A lot of people are saying " Haven't you already met him?". Well yes, I guess we have, but we haven't talked with him, heard his voice, had a conversation, looked into his eyes. That's what I'm excited about! I am very nervous as well, afraid I won't be the type of person he can see as "mom", but even if that's the case, I still want to get to know him and love him. You all probably think I'm nuts, but I already love him-in fact WE already love him. We talk as though he is already part of our family and we assume he always will be. Dangerous maybe-especially knowing that he is leery about adoption, but I am still certain that God has arranged every bit of this process and He has plans for good for all of us. We aren't sure if it will be just Kevin and I meeting him or if the kids are coming too, but I'll let you know. They will be very disappointed if they can't meet him yet, but we don't want to overwhelm him:)
Also on a side note, we are going through some junk right now at home, so I would so love to have your prayers for our family. The enemy loves to attack where we are weak, so I just need to remember to be strong in the Lord. I know He's got my back!
Do you guys love this weather or what? Fall is my favorite season so it's nice that it feels like Fall now! Speaking of Fall.....Bailey has her first dance tonight-the Middle School Fall dance! She will love hanging out with her friends and getting down! She loves the fact that she is getting old enough to do things like this, but she still loves being with us too....she wants me to chaperone the dance! I'll post pics soon-she'll be in cowgirl attire. Yee haw ya'll!

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