Wednesday, July 20, 2011


We got the privilege of babysitting our new friends' 8 children last night while they went out for their anniversary. Our kids were so excited! It was so much fun! I must admit that feeding 13 children was a challenge (their 8, our 4, plus a neighbor), even with Bailey, Kevin and I "serving" it was nuts! But after that, a few more neighbor kids came over and it was playtime -I'm sure our neighbors thought we had started a daycare, but we were outside riding bikes, skateboards, scooters, running around, and screaming and was wild! Everyone got along so well, and even the baby (she's one) let me hold her for awhile. She is so adorable and my kids couldn't get enough of her-they haven't been around too many babies since Kody's grown up! Bryson kept touching her hair- he loved her "puffy" hair! The girls were dressing up and dancing the boys were being super heroes and playing on the DSes. Before they even left they were all,ours and theirs, asking if they could come over again! The Lord has really blessed us in finding the Wrights for many reasons, we actually know someone with more kids than us, they have adopted, they have adopted 8 kids, they have adopted outside of their race, they love the Lord, and they are so fun! They do have a couple little ones sick today (maybe too much fun last night?) so please pray for them!

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  1. :) he he he- LOVED this post....of course! The sick kiddos are doing ok....just a bug of some sort?

    They loved it sooo much and we will definitely have LOTS MORE FUN TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)