Friday, July 15, 2011

Bouncin' some things around

So we went this morning to a trampoline place to "meet" some teens who are available for adoption. There was one in particular that our FAS wanted us to look for and "engage", which we did, sort of. But, it's such a strange situation.....these kids are here knowing that families are checking them out, trying to find if they may be interested in having them join their families. The kids are pretty reserved and they don't want to open up to these complete stangers.....would you? And although it was cool "meeting" these kids who I have been reading about and looking at pictures of online, it was also very surreal, realizing that all of them need a family. Bailey and I were moved to tears a few times just observing them and realizing that none of them have people who truly love them. We wished we could take them all home and love them, but we know that is not possible. I think I am more sad now than excited, even though we do have a few match possibilities. I'm sure I'll get past it, but it is still so very sad.
So I don't want to say too much till we have more info, but we were given info about 2 boys, and requested info about 2 more (one is in a sibling group of 3-so we'll see). All are boys, some are african american! I wish I could share more now, but I will soon! Keep those prayers coming please, not just for us, but for all of those kids, and all of the people working in their lives trying to help them ( case workers, foster parents, therapists, etc.). Thanks!

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  1. PRAYING for you and for ALL HIS CHILDREN to have a home with a loving family!!!! My heart is burdened all the time.....for every child!!!!