Wednesday, July 27, 2011

M & M

No, I am not blogging about candy now, although I could have used some chocolate yesterday. Just a rough day, kids crazy, house a wreck, found baby squirrels, 3 extra kids, which usually is fine but by the end of the day I was DONE! Kevin says I need to "give it to God"-I try but maybe not completely. So anyways, back to M & M! They are the 2 boys we have been "matched" with. I use the term loosely, because all that means is that on paper it seems like we'd be good together. We are focusing on one M at a time, and we are really feeling drawn to the first one our adoption worker told us about. I'll tell you a little bit......he's 15 and African American, a good kid with no behavioral or health issues. He's been in foster care a while, so he's a little apprehensive about being adopted (understandably). He's at a summer camp now, but his case worker will be talking to him about how he feels about being adopted and he will be telling him a little bit about our family to see if he's interested in meeting us. Now, with teens they have a say in the process, so really at this point it's up to M to move forward at all. It's kind of scary, since he may be uncomfortable with having a family that is a different race than him, but I have been praying that if M is the son that the Lord has picked out for us, that He would open M's heart to us and give it a shot. It's so scary for the kids in foster care, so I really do understand them being hesitant. But both Kevin and I feel a real pull towards him and so we will be sad if M decides we aren't a good match for him. So that brings us to the other M, who is 14 and caucasion-as if race even matters anymore, but just want to let inquiring minds know. We hear he is also a good kid with no behavior issues, but we don't know a whole lot about him. We are kind of waiting to see what happens with the first M, before we find out too much about the second M. I hate the fact that we have to "choose" them-it's not like we are picking out an outfit or a puppy-they are people with thought and feelings just like us, but this is the process, so what can we do?! So that's all on the human adoption front right now-basically just waiting again. But, we have had some non-human adoptions this week.......2 chickens and now 2 squirrels. We had some friends that had chickens, but couldn't keep them due to their HOA, and I have always wanted chickens (I love chickens), but Kevin would never agree to them-except he did this time! So we built them a coop and they're as happy as can be!
The squirrels I am less enthusiastic about, but I couldn't leave the poor babies. The kids found them in the street yesterday-they had fallen out of their nest-on the street below. We left them by the tree for awhile hoping the mama would come get them, but there was the sound of a hawk very nearby and the ants were getting them, so we brought them home. I ,of course did some research, and got some puppy formula for them and tried feeding them. they were not having it yesterday, but today one of them is eating it. The other may be injured or something, he's not really moving much or eating at all, but I keep trying. I'll post pics soon, based on the website I found, they are 4-5 weeks old. Like I need anything else to care for! But I can't let them die-so I'll do my best! I'm hoping the kids will be learning some life lessons from all of this!

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