Friday, September 9, 2011

Just wow!

Well, as of Sept. 1st, we have officially been matched with M! Lindsay called after the meeting to go over a few things and let us know our next step is a disclosure meeting ( learning all about M on paper). That may take a few weeks to schedule cause his case worker needs to get all of his info together. So at this point I am excited and scared. But listen to this.........just another example of how God has been orchestrating this adoption for a long time.........

Every month we try to attend an adoption support group meeting held at a wonderful place called the Sylvia Thomas Center. It provides training and support for families at any stage of adoption, from any place-for free. We have been going since we finished our MAPP classes-so since April or May. They have such wonderful people there and are a huge help for many families in the area. They have lost a lot of funding recently due to budget cuts, and are at risk for having to cut out a lot of programs or may even have to close and that would be a shame- so if you are ever looking for a charity to give to please consider them.
Anyhow.....we went to a meet and greet at the Sylvia Thomas Center last night. We almost didn't go, we were all tired and Bailey had to finish homework, but I had already RSVP'd for childcare and I kept feeling like we needed to go. When we signed in, the director, Sharon, asked who we were matched with and I told her it was M. She said she knew him and also that his nephew's (I'll get to this in a minute) adoptive family were coming and we should meet. Yes, M is an uncle. His nephew is 11, only 4 years younger, so they were raised like brothers.
Well after introductions, we knew who they were and they knew who we were. I had seen them there before, even heard them talk about M before. They were trying to adopt M and his nephew, but M didn't want to be adopted at the time. So after the meeting we talked, found out lots about M, and we found out this couple, the Johnson's, also attend church with us. We currently attend 2 churches(maybe that's another blog entry-not now)-this is the newest one-The Crossing. The Johnson's know M well, and he is at their house a lot, he even spent the weekend last weekend with them. Oh, did I mention the Johnson's live about 5 minutes away from us?! M has also lived at a group home near us and attended a church very close to us that some friends of ours attend. Also, the Johnson's told us that M has mostly been in Christian foster homes.
I cannot even believe how God has orchestrated all of these events to bring us to M! To be honest, it all started after we started attending The Crossing's Sat. night service. I feel we have just really strengthened our relationship with the Lord since being there, and we are better able to hear the Holy Spirit and obey. It's incredible! For those of you reading who do not have a personal relationship with Jesus, I'm sure you think I'm nuts-but thats ok! Those of you who know the Lord know what I'm talking about! I have never been able to actually "see" God working in my life as much as right now. And I have to believe it's because we are obedient to Him.
I am actually doing a Bible study right now about hearing God speak (He planned that too)-and it only confirms the fact that we are hearing from God, experiencing His blessings, because we have been obedient to Him. Sometimes it's not easy. You feel like you are nuts, or that people will think you are nuts, or that something bad might happen-we think way too much about responding to God's voice. He's got this-no need to worry. Does He not work all things for good for those who love Him? It may not seem like M and his nephew being separated from their birth family, and having to live in foster care for years is "good"......but it happened so that they could be united-adopted into their forever families, just as God adopted us into His forever family.

God decided in advance to adopt us into his own family by bringing us to himself through Jesus Christ. This is what he wanted to do, and it gave him great pleasure.    Ephesians 1:5

I am just in awe over this! It is so beyond my comprehension, I can't even begin to understand, but I'm so excited to do God's will, whatever that may be! I love being able to share all of our journey with you. I am also writing in a journal for M, all of the details of the adoption and how I am feeling, hoping that one day it can be a gift to him and he can read about the journey and how we loved him, really before we even knew him!

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  1. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! God is sooo AWESOME!!! LOVE that you were able to meet this family and learn more!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Praying for you and M :) God's Perfect Timing!